Playground accessories

Playground accessories are the essential components that elevate sports facilities, ensuring a well-equipped and safe environment for both athletes and spectators. From durable goalposts to professional-grade net systems, these accessories enhance the playing experience and create a sense of competition and excitement.

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Goal sport playground accessories

We offer a variety of outdoor sports equipment, such as basketball hoops, soccer goals, and volleyball nets. These equipment options encourage teamwork, coordination, and friendly competition, all while encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle.


Our playground accessories include:


We specialize in customizing sports goals for football, handball, and other sports to specific dimensions and specifications.


It serves two primary purposes: keeping balls on the court during play and providing security for the court and equipment when not in use.


We design nets for sport courts that serve as a fencing system while also preventing ball loss.

Lighting systems

We install light stands and spotlights, as well as all necessary electrical work to complete your project.

Boards and Posts

We install tennis posts, volleyball posts, and all types of basketball posts, including the basketball board, ring, and net.

At Goal Sport Company, we will collaborate with you to understand your specific needs and design a customized solution that fits your play area perfectly. Enhance your sports facilities with our top-quality playground accessories. Elevate the game, ensure safety, and create the ultimate sporting experience. Explore our range today and transform your play area.

اكسسوارات الملعب



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