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The squash court is in the form of a parallelogram with right angles, and each of the four walls has certain names, so there is the front wall, the back wall, and the two side walls, The floor is made of wood and the playing field is covered or uncovered.

What is Squash

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Squash is a game in which a rubber ball is hit with a squash racket and the ball bounces off the wall. It is played by two players in a court of four walls using the small hollow rubber ball designated for the game of squash The players take turns hitting the ball with their bats on the playable surfaces within the four walls of the court. There are about 20 million people playing squash regularly around the world in more than 185 countries and squash is a game approved by the World Squash Federation (WSF) and is recognized by the International Olympic Committee, but squash is not part of the Olympic Games and demands many countries to join the squash game in the Olympics in the future, and for your information, Egyptian players have the largest share in the world classification of the game, whether men or women, and the squash game is played in a closed court consisting of four walls It is played by two players, and it requires harsh effort and superior skills to repel the rushing ball strongly. Each player uses a racket made of special fabric. The ball is made of rubber and is hollow from the inside. Each player must catch up with the thrown ball after it bounces off any of the four walls, provided that it does not bounce ball twice. Goal Sport is a pioneer in importing international squash materials approved by the International Federation of the game


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